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Mitch Tikoi

Pastor Mitch has a Bachelor of Science in Christian Education from Lee University in Cleveland, TN. He has served as Youth Pastor, Bible School Director, Assistant Pastor, and Lead Pastor in multiple churches in California and Fiji. Growing up as a Pastor's kid in Fiji, he has many experiences that give him a unique perspective into how to serve others.

Pastor Mitch is kind, caring, compassionate, and an exceptional preacher. He makes all members feel welcome, loved, and accepted. He is always willing to listen and support his members. 

If you need a friend or someone to talk to, reach out to him. He is an amazing mentor and gives great advice and support to those in need.



International Christian Fellowship

ICF was started in 2014 by a small group of believers who wanted to create a church where all people are accepted. They wanted a place where people can 'come as they are' to find forgiveness in Jesus. 

ICF has people from multiple ethnicities and languages all worshiping together. We are one body, one church, one faith. 

ICF has a strong emphasis on missions and supports missionaries and projects around the world. 

We welcome you to join our church family!

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